Using this submission system you can manage your papers submitted to RUNIRAC V. You can submit new papers, resubmit previously submitted papers, or change information about authors. This page is for your information only, use the menu on the top of this page to make any changes. If you submitted a paper using the system, then the paper number should appear in the menu. If you log in and do nothing (not even click on the menu) for more than two hours, the system will close the connection. In this case you will have to log in again. Keep this in mind if you are likely to submit a new version of your paper, please do it several minutes before the submission deadline. Additional information about submission to RUNIRAC V can be found at the RUNIRAC V Web page. Questions about submissions can be sent to the conference contact email: (conference secretary)


I. Requirements for manuscript preparation

Code of Conduct: Authors must confirm that manuscripts are UNPUBLISHED and NOT under review anywhere else.

Language: Contributors MUST prepare their manuscripts in English. American or British style is acceptable, but contributors should use one consistently throughout.

Manuscript format: Authors are requested to submit the full paper, typically 4-6 pages in double column single space. All papers should be produced using MS Word (at least version 1997 or latest) following the technical paper format. Authors are encouraged to submit their papers electronically in WORD or PDF files via the conference online submission system. Files may also be submitted by email to secretariat

     Please download manuscript template for full-paper to prepare your manuscripts. Contributors who fail to prepare manuscripts in accordance with our “Requirements for manuscript preparation” will be asked to revise and re-submit their manuscripts.

     *We reserve the rights to make necessary adjustments to typesetting of manuscript to maintain the quality of proceedings.
File format: Contributors are required to submit manuscripts in Microsoft Word or PDF. Manuscripts submitted in any format will NOT be considered.
If contributors have problem providing manuscripts in the required file format, please email to

II. Online submission

Submission method: Use Conference online system to submit your manuscript.
Submission instruction:
     1. Apply for a new account (Please click on Create account)
     2. Fill out all the required information to establish your account. Contributors MUST provide valid email addresses.
     3. Submit your manuscripts.
     4. If your submission is successful, you will receive a confirmation email with paper number.
     5. If contributors have more than one manuscript to submit, please use “New Submission Research” to add other manuscripts.
Authors are expected to present the accepted papers at the conference. The full paper will be included in the proceedings. English will be the official language of the conference.


Download Full Paper Template (EN)

Download Full Paper Template (TH)